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Wyman Elementary Schools is organized into departments that supplement academic programs and student services. Each department is composed of dedicated experts in their fields who are committed to serving our students and their families.

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Art Teacher | Liz Fortier |


The Wyman Elementary School Art department creates rich and engaging experiences and opportunities for all learners. A successful art program not only fosters many areas of growth in myriad ways, it helps students see and understand visual arts in different ways. Students begin to develop an aesthetic sense and understanding of their own design and see the potential in their own skills. They forge a sense of visual literacy that promotes individuality and critical thinking skills.

At Wyman Elementary, we want our students to experience the reward and joy of art that is both technically and spiritually expressive.

Music Teacher | Sandra Brown |
Instrumental Teacher | Mark Golec |

Music education is a vital part of Wyman Elementary’s curriculum. Young learners show innumerable benefits from the exposure to music and the concepts of music making and music theory. Music education programs help young learners scholastic development in myriad ways as students not only take inspiration from the music but see lessons from other classes – math, science, english, social studies – echoed in song. They develop appreciation for human potential in the musicians they hear and seek to find and realize their own musical gifts.

Intensive Resource | Sue Woods |
Intensive Resource | Lisa Horton |
Intensive Resource | Sue Farina |

Physical & Occupational Therapist | Lauren Sharkey |
Speech/Language Therapist | Jean Pietrantonio |

Math Interventionist | Erin Taylor |
Reading Consultant | Michelle Holt |

Federal and State Regulations that require the district to provide a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities govern the Warwick Public School System. The Special Education Department has in place a referral and evaluation process that addresses each child who might be in need of Special Education services. When a determination is made that a child qualifies for Special Education Services, there are a range of services and programs to meet the unique needs of each child.

Physical Education | Claudia Botthof |
Library Media Specialist | Tara Castro | | Mrs. Castro’s Library Site

Mrs. Castro is a Library Media Specialist for E.T. Wyman and Randall Holden Elementary Schools. Within this online library you will find resources geared especially for children from K-6th grade, but there are also pages for parents, teachers and library media specialists.

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School Nurse | Bernie McDowell |
Psychologist | Llaine Larrivee |
Social Worker | John Smith |